5 Digital Products and the fitting iPad Mockup Design

In this modern age, digital products abound but there is room for more. In order to catch your market, package your product in the appropriate iPad mockup.


There are at least a dozen digital products out there and hundreds of different mockups. There is always an appropriate mockup for a certain digital output. You cannot go wrong with a mockup but some mockup templates could elevate your product while others may get your audience scratching their heads. 


The internet is an online library for mockups. You can browse through hundreds—maybe even thousands—of free mockups in either Sketch or PSD file, plus everything in between. The digital mockups use technology as its main component. So there are mockups that use the iMac as the main device and some have MacBook as the highlight. There are Android  devices or iPad Airs that will be used as screen for your product design. If you want a recommendation for a good website, UX Planetcertainly has a good lineup of mockups. 


If you want to showcase your app, the best way to present that to an audience is by using a mobile device. So that would be the iPhone or the iPad. The great thing about the iPad is that it is versatile. It works as a computer but is as convenient as the iPhone. It is easy to lug around and that is very important for a mobile application. 

iPad mockup for digital products 


It makes sense that you use the iPad for a digital product because of the mobility. You can take the iPad anywhere and that is exactly what you want in a mobile application. There are also hundreds of different kinds of iPad mockup out there. So you have to be smart about the kind of free iPad mockup that you can use in order to showcase your digital product.


Just like there are different kinds of vector mockup that you can download, there are also many different kinds of digital products. You have to be wise about it because you want to elevate your output and the way to do that is by a neat presentation that is professional and efficient. By efficient, we mean that it tells the appropriate story for your digital product. 

Here are examples of five digital products and the best mockup to showcase them:


1.    iPad Pro PSD mockup for videos

The thing with videos is that you need a device that is more powerful than most. This is for both video playing and video making. Whatever kind of video-related digital product you intend to sell, the iPad Pro seems to be the best platform to showcase that. Not only is the iPad Pro the perfect size for watching videos, it is convenient enough to take around with you. 


The iPad Pro mockup itself has various frames. They are showcased in different angles and with different backgrounds. There is something for everybody! If your video-based digital product is targeted toward the women, find a mockup that has a more feminine energy. The same goes for the masculine target. If you want to target the young, find a more stylistic frame. For the mature audience, the clay might be more of their alley. 


2.    iPad and iPhones mockup for e-courses

E-courses are made to be very convenient for those who want to learn more. Most courses are on large modules that take up a lot of space in your bag. But with e-courses, you can store them on your iPads or iPhones. The latter may be very small but it can store e-courses, but the iPad is certainly the best way to learn your courses because the screens are larger and they are easier to read. In fact, if you own an iPad Mini, the size of the screen is just as big as a regular book. Although, modules usually take on the size of an iPad Pro or bigger. 


Some e-coursers are also in audio form. Either way, you can take your e-courses anywhere and learn from this. Waiting then becomes more productive. That is exactly why the free PSD mockup becomes quite vital because it implies the importance of mobility. 


Another reason why you would want to use the iPad and iPhones mockup is because it showcases versatility of your digital product. The mockup usually shows the iPhone and the iPad side by side. This way, your product will be showcased on different screens. You can always present the importance of great design because no matter where you download that product, it remains aesthetically great. 


3.    Devices mockup for websites

So you have designed a website and you want to present it to an audience. The devices mockups are perfect because they feature all the Apple devices in one frame: iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Other times it features the Apple Watch, too. 


For a photo-based website, you have to make sure you are equipped with high-resolution images. So when you have to showcase them to an audience, those photos need to remain as beautiful as ever no matter how small the screen is. So you have to work on the mobile website just as much as the regular website. 


Know more about how to design great websites here


4.    Perspective mockup for software

It is quite hard to showcase a software product because the most important parts are in the details. This is why the perspective mockup works because you can include pages of details through the kind of style involved in this vector mockup. 


Software is something complex so it is quite hard to showcase it to people who have no idea about it. Although, chances are you won’t be presenting to people who don’t know anything about the software anyway. Still, there might be other people in the room who want to know more about the software. They could learn more through the context clues provided in the many mockup templates. 


5.    Flat iPad mockup for photography

Flat design entails minimalism, which is exactly what you need when it comes to photography. Whether you are designing an editing app for photography or selling photographs, so you will definitely need something that doesn’t have too much stylistic elements. For photo-based digital products, it is best to present them through a mockup that uses flat design—a bit boring if you may, but it serves a purpose. 


As you can see, there are so many mockups to choose from but there are some that will really fit your digital product. Knowing the appropriate frame to use to showcase your digital output matters because it can elevate your presentation. So choose wisely!